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How to Be Purposeful in Nurturing Your Database & Reaching Your Goals w/Wayne Salmans

February 6, 2017

Predictable actions have predictable results. Most of us struggle to make changes, increase results and up our game because we lack the strategies we need. How do you become more intentional and how do you create simple, repeatable systems? On this episode of Work To Live, we share on these key insights.

There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic actions to hit your goals. -Hank Avink  


  1. When we’re younger, we make friends with the people around us. As we get older we must become more purposeful about building and maintaining friendships.
  2. People have their first year in real estate every year because they don’t have systems and efficiencies.
  3. Make the system around your database simple enough for you to execute and follow through with your goals.
  4. Facebook is setting itself up as a hub, lean into it for your marketing

At the start of the show we shared how we got to where we are, and we talked about the best way to go about maintaining relationships. Next we talked about the importance of having clarity around your goals, and how life can get in the way of us achieving them. We went on to talk about the necessity of systems and efficiencies, and how to create a system from your database. Towards the end of the episode, we discussed database engagement.

We also shared insights on:

  • The importance of intention in friendship
  • How to be your own hero
  • Why people aren’t stupid, just lacking strategy
  • How to predict your future based on your current activities
  • How to keep your systems simple with less buckets
  • The power of getting into action
  • Why you need to stop booty calling your database

You can’t double your goals without changing your actions. When it comes to boosting your business - you need a system that’s executable, repeatable and scalable. Your database leans on how you communicate with people, connect with them by telling them a story and you’ll become unforgettable. Stop booty calling your database, just talk to them. Stop overthinking, be consistent, get into action and have fun with it.

Guest Bio

Wayne’s mission is to empower people to actively engage and participate in their own transformation and success. After building homes in Alaska for 5 years, Wayne began to pursue a career in Real Estate. Within just a few short years he joined the top 1% of realtors, and was voted one of 30 under 30 top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine. As a successful developer, investor and builder Wayne has purchased and sold millions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Wayne is passionate about family, marketing, building wealth through real estate and serving in the community.

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