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Put in Work on the Front End: 5 Keys to Growing a Successful Team w/Martin Clément

February 28, 2017

When it comes to growth and scaling up, we can pay the price or we can pay the cost. What factors do you need to pay attention to? How do you go from thinking about something to getting into action? How do you ensure you have enough time, energy and effort to do what’s required of you? On this episode, Martin Clément goes deep on these questions, and shares his experience.  


When you get into action and start to produce at a higher level, opportunities will become apparent. -Martin Clément


  1. Look at your PNL: If you’re not watching your money right now, you can’t think about growing a team. You’re going to hurt people and it’s going to get expensive.
  2. Sometimes you have to create the pain of not doing something to have it be greater than the pain of doing it.
  3. It’s great to have huge goals, but you’ve got to be realistic. Your calendar tells you everything you need to know about whether something really fits in.

At the start of the show, we discussed the benefits of getting a coach, and how it helps you see problems from a different angle. Martin also shared what drives him, “I get a lot of out helping my agents achieve their goals.” Next, he shared on the importance of getting into action, “you’ll learn from just acting; don’t spend so much time in theory all of the time.” We also talked about the importance of balancing huge goals with being realistic. Towards the end of the show we shared how to overcome the pain of doing a task, and the importance of putting a foundation in your business if you want to scale.

Martin also shared insights on:

  • Lessons learned from the book Lean Start-Up
  • Having enough time, energy and effort for expanding into other industries
  • How to dial in your schedule and make yourself more productive
  • The misconception people have about jumping into another career after real estate success

If you want to grow a team you’ve got to put the work in on the front end. You have to communicate, get into action, be willing to fail, work on optimizing your schedule and keep an eye on your budget. Stop spending so much time in your head, and just start doing the work. With these steps, you can be more productive, and this helps you easily identify opportunities, and low hanging fruit. Ultimately, it’s the most profitable business you can ever have.

Guest Bio

Martin Clément brings more than 9 years of industry experience, having started his career as an Administrative Assistant for a high-producing real estate team. Martin attended La Cité collégial and received his diploma in Business Marketing in 2006. During the 3-year program, Martin learned to negotiate contracts, network, and develop effective marketing strategies. Go to for more information or find him on Facebook:

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