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The Difference Between Coaching & Educating w/Jacqui Bowman

Predictability is the key to success and making the most of your time. How can a coach help you maximize your work without taking up way more time? What are the things people should look for in their coaches? How does pushing on your pain points make you a better agent? On this episode, Jacqui Bowman shares on her experience as a coach, and getting the most out of the relationship.

If you’re truly in a deep relationship with someone, then you can coach them. -Jacqui Bowman


  1. If you want to get business quickly talk to the people who know you, love you, and trust you already.
  2. Taking your business to another level doesn’t mean you have to be busier.
  3. Once you start making more money and getting more time on your hands, you need to know what exactly you’ll do with those resources.

At the start of the show, Jacqui shared her tips for getting business and getting it quickly. We discussed how to rescript something to fit in with your personality. She went on to share how to generate business in a completely new city, and the journey she took to becoming a coach. Jacqui also shared her ideal coaching client and towards the end of the show, we talked about why people confuse success with being busy.

Jacqui also shared on;

  • Why people don’t want to sell their friends and family
  • Why she only takes on 12 clients at a time
  • The difference between a transactional coach and a coach invested in your success
  • Why coaches should also be coachable

The right coach invests in your success, at every point of the process. Anyone who gives you less than that, shouldn’t be helping you. With the right tools and coaching, you will be able to scale your business to a higher price point and grow into other markets, so you can idealize your own schedule and do things that are really meaningful to you. Coaches are instrumental to getting to 36 transactions and getting the life you want.

Guest Bio

Jacqui teaches real estate and is a personal coach for many agents nationwide. She is the mentor and leader of The Summit Group, at Exp Realty. If you’re interested in making your real estate career your dream job get in touch with her at About.Me/JacquiBowman.


How to Value Yourself, Recover Quickly & Stay in your Strength Zone w/Danielle Seifert

People delay their happiness when they delay their recovery from challenges. How do you teach yourself to bounce back? How do you learn the necessary lessons, and pivot towards your success? On this episode Danielle Seifert shares on mindset, jumping over the hurdles, and always leading with self-value.

When you value yourself and what you bring to the table, your clients do as well. -Danielle Seifert  


  1. Don’t be too attached to what things should look like, let them be what they are.
  2. When something goes bad for successful people, they don’t make it any worse.
  3. Your kids are always watching, they pay attention to your demeanor.

At the start of the show, we discussed the effect that a real estate career can have on marriages. Danielle shared on how she is able to recover after going through rough patches, and how she got the motivation to restart her career. Next, we shared how successful people make sure they don’t make a bad situation worse, and towards the end of the show Danielle gave advice to parents.

Danielle also shared on;

  • Why it’s so important to value yourself and what you do
  • The power of recovering quickly when you’re challenged
  • The necessity of staying in your strength zone
  • How not to get completely derailed by difficulties

We get completely derailed when we stay stuck in the negativity we face. It’s necessary to create a mindset that sustains our ability to keep moving forward, no matter what comes our way. Each day brings us closer to finding success. Hurdles are difficult but whatever you learn from them equips you to get to a better spot in your business and life.

Guest Bio

Danielle is a Des Moines based agent with over a decade of experience. She is a buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation and home building expert. Real estate is a lifestyle for her and it’s her top priority to have open communication and availability to her clients. To get in touch with Danielle go to

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Put in Work on the Front End: 5 Keys to Growing a Successful Team w/Martin Clément

When it comes to growth and scaling up, we can pay the price or we can pay the cost. What factors do you need to pay attention to? How do you go from thinking about something to getting into action? How do you ensure you have enough time, energy and effort to do what’s required of you? On this episode, Martin Clément goes deep on these questions, and shares his experience.  


When you get into action and start to produce at a higher level, opportunities will become apparent. -Martin Clément


  1. Look at your PNL: If you’re not watching your money right now, you can’t think about growing a team. You’re going to hurt people and it’s going to get expensive.
  2. Sometimes you have to create the pain of not doing something to have it be greater than the pain of doing it.
  3. It’s great to have huge goals, but you’ve got to be realistic. Your calendar tells you everything you need to know about whether something really fits in.

At the start of the show, we discussed the benefits of getting a coach, and how it helps you see problems from a different angle. Martin also shared what drives him, “I get a lot of out helping my agents achieve their goals.” Next, he shared on the importance of getting into action, “you’ll learn from just acting; don’t spend so much time in theory all of the time.” We also talked about the importance of balancing huge goals with being realistic. Towards the end of the show we shared how to overcome the pain of doing a task, and the importance of putting a foundation in your business if you want to scale.

Martin also shared insights on:

  • Lessons learned from the book Lean Start-Up
  • Having enough time, energy and effort for expanding into other industries
  • How to dial in your schedule and make yourself more productive
  • The misconception people have about jumping into another career after real estate success

If you want to grow a team you’ve got to put the work in on the front end. You have to communicate, get into action, be willing to fail, work on optimizing your schedule and keep an eye on your budget. Stop spending so much time in your head, and just start doing the work. With these steps, you can be more productive, and this helps you easily identify opportunities, and low hanging fruit. Ultimately, it’s the most profitable business you can ever have.

Guest Bio

Martin Clément brings more than 9 years of industry experience, having started his career as an Administrative Assistant for a high-producing real estate team. Martin attended La Cité collégial and received his diploma in Business Marketing in 2006. During the 3-year program, Martin learned to negotiate contracts, network, and develop effective marketing strategies. Go to for more information or find him on Facebook:

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How to Be Purposeful in Nurturing Your Database & Reaching Your Goals w/Wayne Salmans

Predictable actions have predictable results. Most of us struggle to make changes, increase results and up our game because we lack the strategies we need. How do you become more intentional and how do you create simple, repeatable systems? On this episode of Work To Live, we share on these key insights.

There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic actions to hit your goals. -Hank Avink  


  1. When we’re younger, we make friends with the people around us. As we get older we must become more purposeful about building and maintaining friendships.
  2. People have their first year in real estate every year because they don’t have systems and efficiencies.
  3. Make the system around your database simple enough for you to execute and follow through with your goals.
  4. Facebook is setting itself up as a hub, lean into it for your marketing

At the start of the show we shared how we got to where we are, and we talked about the best way to go about maintaining relationships. Next we talked about the importance of having clarity around your goals, and how life can get in the way of us achieving them. We went on to talk about the necessity of systems and efficiencies, and how to create a system from your database. Towards the end of the episode, we discussed database engagement.

We also shared insights on:

  • The importance of intention in friendship
  • How to be your own hero
  • Why people aren’t stupid, just lacking strategy
  • How to predict your future based on your current activities
  • How to keep your systems simple with less buckets
  • The power of getting into action
  • Why you need to stop booty calling your database

You can’t double your goals without changing your actions. When it comes to boosting your business - you need a system that’s executable, repeatable and scalable. Your database leans on how you communicate with people, connect with them by telling them a story and you’ll become unforgettable. Stop booty calling your database, just talk to them. Stop overthinking, be consistent, get into action and have fun with it.

Guest Bio

Wayne’s mission is to empower people to actively engage and participate in their own transformation and success. After building homes in Alaska for 5 years, Wayne began to pursue a career in Real Estate. Within just a few short years he joined the top 1% of realtors, and was voted one of 30 under 30 top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine. As a successful developer, investor and builder Wayne has purchased and sold millions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Wayne is passionate about family, marketing, building wealth through real estate and serving in the community.

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