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How to Value Yourself, Recover Quickly & Stay in your Strength Zone w/Danielle Seifert

March 9, 2017

People delay their happiness when they delay their recovery from challenges. How do you teach yourself to bounce back? How do you learn the necessary lessons, and pivot towards your success? On this episode Danielle Seifert shares on mindset, jumping over the hurdles, and always leading with self-value.

When you value yourself and what you bring to the table, your clients do as well. -Danielle Seifert  


  1. Don’t be too attached to what things should look like, let them be what they are.
  2. When something goes bad for successful people, they don’t make it any worse.
  3. Your kids are always watching, they pay attention to your demeanor.

At the start of the show, we discussed the effect that a real estate career can have on marriages. Danielle shared on how she is able to recover after going through rough patches, and how she got the motivation to restart her career. Next, we shared how successful people make sure they don’t make a bad situation worse, and towards the end of the show Danielle gave advice to parents.

Danielle also shared on;

  • Why it’s so important to value yourself and what you do
  • The power of recovering quickly when you’re challenged
  • The necessity of staying in your strength zone
  • How not to get completely derailed by difficulties

We get completely derailed when we stay stuck in the negativity we face. It’s necessary to create a mindset that sustains our ability to keep moving forward, no matter what comes our way. Each day brings us closer to finding success. Hurdles are difficult but whatever you learn from them equips you to get to a better spot in your business and life.

Guest Bio

Danielle is a Des Moines based agent with over a decade of experience. She is a buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation and home building expert. Real estate is a lifestyle for her and it’s her top priority to have open communication and availability to her clients. To get in touch with Danielle go to

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